3D furniture modeling is a useful tool for businesses looking to test prototypes or just stock products for ecommerce and other advertising. The procedure is more rapid than conventional photography, and strict deadlines are established when an order is placed. Contrary to popular opinion, project turnaround time isn't solely determined by the studio. So, if you want your goods to be delivered on time, you should factor in the urgency of your project when placing the order.

Before starting a project, make sure you've worked out the technical details.

The lack of clear goals is one of the reasons 3D furniture modeling projects take longer. It's critical to have a good sense of measurements, material, and general object layout for lifestyle images and shot composition in general. Using ready-made 3D models or not isn't a big deal either; using such materials lowers order completion time. It will take less time to make small changes to an existing model than it will to create one from scratch.
Choose 3-D models that represent your product from different angles and in various settings — this will give you more options for post-processing and final image selection.

Provide Accurate Light And Decoration References

3D furniture modeling is considerably easier for Better Than experts to accomplish with precise object and lighting references. The reason for this is the straightforward fact that without a precise assignment, 3D artists must utilize their imagination when dealing with fine details - which doesn't always work out as planned. As a result, progress grinds to a halt, the deadline is postponed, and you're left with an unfinished product.

As a reference, choose 3-5 of your favorite POVs.

Businesses naturally want their products shown from every possible perspective, but this quantity of pictures is not always required and would take weeks to produce with 3D furniture modeling. Instead of utilizing a lot of photos, pick a few great angles, about 3-5 shots each, and leave the professionals to work their Better Than magic. The whole burden is reduced significantly, and the project can be completed in a shorter time-frame without compromising on quality.

For lifestyles, use pre-rendered 3D models and environments.

As I briefly mentioned before, using pre-made sets and décor elements to create 3D furniture modeling is both more affordable and less time consuming than creating new unique ones. Inquire with your 3D product rendering firm if they have ready-to-use digital scenes and props 3D models. For instance, we provide our clients free access to our 3D prop and environment bank.
If you are looking for a high-quality and fast 3D furniture modeling solution, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your project in more detail and give you a free quote. Our team of experts is always ready to take on new challenges!

When ordering, choose urgency by clicking the appropriate option.

If none of the aforementioned strategies has worked to fulfill 3D furniture modeling deadlines, there is one more solution for when things get out of hand. Because they'll have to respond to contractor inquiries as soon as they're posed, client involvement is greater. Urgency option adds extra specialist hours to the specific undertaking in order to do something that's deemed impossible by the regular team. This way, project turnaround time is shortened, and a high-quality product is delivered on time - even if it means working overtime.
But adding urgency to an order should only be done as a last resort because it will increase the price of the final product. If you want to save money and still get your 3D furniture modeling project done on time, try one of the other methods I've listed in this article.
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