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Why 3d product rendering is one step ahead
Interior 3D visualization is about to change the business. We'll explain how 3D Max realistic product rendering service is one step ahead of traditional static images.
Lower cost
The best thing about interior rendering services is that it's really more cost-effective than traditional photography. It saves you money in the long run, but also provides for an amazing interactive product visualization of your work!
The process of creating 3D product packshots is much faster than hiring an entire photo studio.
3D rendering services are flexible and clients can update already presented models in a new way with the use of different textiles, colors, and forms.
It's important to show off all sides of your new furniture. That is why some stores and marketplace sellers offer 360° rotate furniture in different sceneries!
Product rendering (Product packshot)

There's no doubt that 3D product rendering is a powerful marketing tool. By creating a lifelike, three-dimensional image of your product, you can create a much more engaging experience for potential customers. And with the photorealistic rendering software, it's easier than ever to create realistic renderings that will wow your audience. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best 3D packshot software out there and show you how to create stunning visuals with them.

Efficiency of the project look like?

Betterthan Studio is proud to provide 3D interior visualization services to our customers. 3D rendering of products allows businesses to create realistic 3D visuals of their furniture, which can be used for a variety of purposes, from product design and engineering to marketing and sales. 3D model creation can also be used to create 3D animations and simulations, which can be used to demonstrate how a product works or to show off its features. This is the path we make to create the ideal 3D rendering furniture model.
Creation of a 3D model
There are many steps involved in creating a rendering interior, but the process starts with an initial 3D model. Our 3D visualization artists use the most realistic rendering software to create this first version of your product's shape and dimensions from scratch! The process of creating 3D visualizations typically begins with the generation of a 3D wireframe. This wireframe can then be refined and detailed to create a more realistic 3D rendered furniture.
Original product preview
Once the 3D furniture model is complete, it can then be given a realistic look by adding textures, lighting, and shadows. It is time to provide some changes before the final 3D rendering design is ready to be used in interiors.
Product packshot

Rendering furniture product packshot is a 3D interior visualization technique that allows businesses to create realistic, high-quality images of their products. Packshot photography can be very useful for marketing purposes, as it allows potential customers to see what the furniture would look like in their own homes. In the final rendering production stage, we create virtual showrooms or to test out new designs before they are put into marketing. 
3d product packshot advantages

The main advantage of rendering furniture 3d product packshot is that it provides a more accurate representation of the product than traditional photography. 3D product packshot can help to increase sales and reduce returns, as customers will have a better idea of what they are buying. Additionally, creative packshots 3D can save businesses money on photography costs and allow for more flexibility in terms of product design.

3D Packshots of products

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