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• Lifelike product concept for future production
• Better client redress and feedback
• Improved user attention stepsand output
What you receive:
• Development of 3D product configurations
• Offline sales improvement
• Coverage growth

What you get by ordering our 3D modeling services:

As anyone who has ever shopped for furniture knows, it can be difficult to picture how a piece will look in your home without seeing it in person.Furniture 3d modeling is a helpful tool that can give you a better idea of how a piece of furniture will look in your space. With 3d furniture modeling services
software, you can input the dimensions of your room and see how different pieces of furniture will fit.You can also change the color or product material by means of 3D modeling for furniture to see how it would look in different finishes. This allows potential customers to see how furniture will look in their homes before making a purchase. Ultimately, furniture 3d modeling can save furniture designers time and money by allowing them to create accurate furniture 3D designs that can be easily produced.
3D product modeling services are a vital tool for businesses that produce physical products or offer design-related services. Betterthan Studio can create 3D furniture visualization of your products that truly reflects every aspect of the modeling design, from shape and color to textures and movements. You can use 3D product rendering services to market existing products by highlighting their unique features and adding real-world visual effects such as shadows or reflections. Whether you need help creating design furniture 3D models or custom product services, Betterthan Studio is the choice number one!

Low and high-polygon 3D modeling with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a tech that helps Betterthan Studio customers to view computer-generated images in reality. One of the key advantages of augmented reality is that Betterthan Studio can use it to create high-quality design furniture 3D models. Using a process called photogrammetry, Betterthan Studio can produce a detailed 3D model for augmented reality.
This technology is revolutionizing the way Betterthan Studio creates and views model 3d furniture modeling services
, and it has the potential to change the way we interact with the outer world. Polygon count is the number of polygons that make up an augmented reality 3D model. The term can refer to the total number of polygons in a scene or the number of polygons used to create a single furniture 3D rendering. Furniture blueprints for 3D modeling are typically created with a low polygon count for use in real-time applications such as video games, where the focus is on performance rather than detail. However, high polygon counts are often used for pre-rendered images and movies, where the extra detail can be appreciated.
Augmented reality (AR) is a tech that superimposes computer-generated imagery on top of real-world objects. Betterthat Studio uses it to create 3D models for AR applications. By using a high polygon count, AR models can be made to look very realistic. This makes them ideal for use in marketing and advertising, where they can help to create an immersive experience for the viewer.
3D Modeling

Furniture 3D design is the process of creating a three-dimensional representation, usually for the purpose of furniture design. 3Ds furniture can be created with a variety of the best 3D modeling software for furniture programs. It allows furniture designers and marketing teams to experiment with different furniture styles and shapes before committing to a final design.

The 3D product modeling process we follow

Any idea how to create an augmented reality 3D model? At Betterthan Studio, we follow a specific process to ensure accuracy and efficiency. We'll outline the steps involved in our modeling process and explain why each step is important. You'll be better equipped to make informed decisions about your own furniture 3D rendering.
The industries we serve

With the rise of technology, furniture designers and manufacturers are now able to create amazing pieces that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional. Industrial design 3D modeling also has a number of practical applications in furniture production. It can be used to create a visualization of new designs, which can then be implemented in marketing campaigns and ads. Additionally, this process is great for custom furniture design for specific clients.
Advantages of 3D product modeling services

3D product modeling is a great way to visualize your product before it's even created
It can help you save time and money to present the furniture you produce to the customers
3D rendering technology makes it possible to create 3D furniture elements quickly and easily
You can use models to communicate your design ideas to others effectively and to visualize the furniture in the future interior
Modeling services make it faster to implement a 3D model into the interior than taking a photo of a real furniture
It is also cheaper to create a 3D model than take numerous pictures of one piece of furniture in numerous angles and locations

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3D Modeling of products

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