3D visualizations of the structure of different mattresses

It's very important for manufacturers of mattresses to visually display all properties of the product. Because it can help clients to make the right choice while shopping by demonstrating the product's advantages.

That is why the layered structure and the product properties of the mattresses should be demonstrated professionally with all details.

So we choose for this project close-up renderings, that give possibilities to look at fabrics and tiny details of a mattress.

3D Packshots of mattresses for your advertising

We faced the task that took us to clearly show the layered structure and the different surfaces of mattresses. The 3D visualizations let us to show details in the sectional view that otherwise would be hidden. Different forms and layers of fabric with pencil case cores were shown in several layers from the side view.

Also, we created these images in different resolutions for flyers and for the website.
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