About client:
VERÓNICA MAR is Artist & Creative Director from Spain.
She seeks to represent the essence of nature and the human being in her works, with a minimum material presence. She gives a dream of something different, something extra-ordinary, something genuine.
Since 2014, she has shown her sculptures at art fairs and galleries in London, Shanghai, Barcelona, Madrid, Miami, and NY.
You can see in all her work a passion for nature, which creates total perfection and function.
She is based in Madrid, working for clients and collectors worldwide.

More information you can find on her website: https://www.veronicamar.art/
Ula Collection
Soul Collection

3D Packshots that show all benefits of your products

In this project, we decided not to do regular 3d packshots on white background. The main aim was to present all project's best parts such as stylish design, futuristic forms, and luxury materials.

Our idea was to find interesting angles and create a stunning mood using soft light and cozy shadows. We chose a simple but realistic background in an alike color palette to the object, to make the contrast between the object and background visible, but soft. But what makes the "wow-effect" - it's undoubtedly the light. That's why we made it realistic and complex. It is the secret that makes this project looks life-like!

This project took us about 2 working weeks.
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