How to Create a Product for Amazon: The 3D Model, Silo Images, and Complementary Lifestyles

Amazon 3d product photo are the gold standard for ecommerce visuals, which adhere to specific standards. Even with a smartphone camera, you may produce excellent images at home, but what if your design is only on paper or you simply want to test the market before beginning production? This is when hiring a product rendering business for high-quality Better Than is your finest option. The company will create a three-dimensional ( virtual ) model of your product, in addition to taking care of the necessary lighting and shadows.
Naturally, Amazon requires 3D renders of products to meet product photo standards. First and foremost, they must be a photograph or a photorealistic representation of the intended item with a resolution of at least 1000 pixels in height and width. The name of the product must be clear and precise. All necessary information about the item should be revealed throughout the picture, and the image should be of excellent quality and without any watermarks. The product must be in the center of the frame, with a pure white background, and surrounded by an appropriate amount of negative space. There should not be any other products in the photo. Shadows must also be included to give the product a sense of depth and realism.
The product photography should appeal to the potential buyer and include at least three additional photos that demonstrate functionality or placement of the item, as well as more text and images.

What is the best way to begin?

amazon 3d product photo
Our clientele are mostly manufacturers who previously used photographs for product display. However, when they discovered 3D rendering and its potential, they decided to give it a go. Our customer felt that a professional photoshoot would be too costly in this situation. Our client had a unique requirement: to create product images for Amazon that would sell. They intended to exhibit their product, a gun storage magnet within an believable scenario - a vehicle - and demonstrate how it may be used by holding a pistol. This would be too difficult for an inexpensive set, therefore our customer has chosen to employ Better Than to produce high-quality product photos for Amazon.
We understand that not everyone has the same needs as our client, which is why we offer a variety of services to meet your specific requirements. Product photography is an essential part of online sales, and we can provide you with the best possible results for your product. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create stunning product photos for Amazon. Thanks for reading!
Our objective was to both exhibit the items in their best light and demonstrate how they might benefit prospective customers. Now, let us show you how we've been able to meet Amazon's product picture criteria while at the same time producing enthralling marketing materials. Let's look at each stage of creating photorealistic 3D Amazon product renders.

The first step in the process is to make a 3D model.

Our team starts with developing a 3D model of the product. Our client has given accurate references to help speed up the process for 3D artists, speeding up production time. Our professionals have meticulously recreated the design, leaving no details unchecked. Everything appears new and sleek, with a beautiful metallic sheen. As a consequence, these Amazon product pictures will look great on the website and attract buyers.

Stage 2: Creating Silo Product Photos for Amazon

The second stage of the process is to generate silo images, the marketing materials' bread and butter. Making white background product pictures for Amazon may appear to be a simple job, but there is more to it. To get the greatest result, light sources must be correctly positioned, after which 3D artists must meticulously edit shadows and reflections. Finally, the color of the product must be balanced to make sure it does not look washed out.

Creating your own supplementary lifestyles

Now that Amazon's needs are met, the team of 3D artists shifts its attention to producing additional pictures - lifestyles, as a marketing tool to enhance the product's impact. As a result, our 3D artists located the handgun magnet in an automobile interior. After that, they added a person, suggesting one possible usage for the item. All of the elements were then composed into a photorealistic image, with the gun in a hand and the car door open.
The complementary lifestyles are not only an excellent marketing tool but also make for great photos on their own. Customers can see how the product might be used and get a better sense of its potential benefits.
That is how Amazon product pictures as well as other ecommerce platforms are made. We're pleased to inform you that our customers praised both the photorealistic quality and the simplicity of the procedure.