What Does a Product Customizer Do to Develop E-Loyalty and Repeat Customers?
Do you want to provide your consumers with an exciting, gratifying, efficient, and enjoyable shopping experience? Any eCommerce CEO would agree! A product customizer will not only assist you in cutting through the clutter but will also help you save money, improve customer satisfaction, gather data, and increase profits.
Personalized products and services are something that at least 36% of consumers are interested in, according to recent research. In fact, one fifth of all consumers would spend 20% more on a product that was personalized or exclusive. With such high demand from customers, it's time for brands to start offering these kinds of products and services.
Here's how a product customization tool might help you improve repeat purchases and build e-loyalty to your business by improving customer satisfaction.
1. Provides Consumers with What They Want
Consumers have been clamoring for more customization in their commercial interactions with businesses. This might include customized product recommendations and messaging, as well as personalized client service and goods.
According to one research, 49 percent of customers are interested in product customization. Furthermore, at least 3% of consumers would spend $1,000 or more on "made-to-measure" goods.
A significant portion of consumers are more likely to online purchase from brands that extend personalized offers, surpassing those similar products found in the market.
According to another survey, nearly half (48%) are willing to wait longer for a customised product. This may provide additional freedom for companies focused on enhancing client service and experience while yet keeping up with demand.

Our platform allows purchasers to customize your item in every way possible, so they may make it their own product. They are more likely to buy if they can personalize it in every manner.
2. App Developers Can Take Full Advantage of Amazon Product Customization by Offering Realistic and Real-Time 3D Representation
Product visuals that are powerful and creative are what customers today expect from an online store. Utilize the technology available to you, such as 3D renderings, to give your customers a unique experience that will make them want to come back for more.
Our product customizer can help deliver the perfect results for your project.
Our technology may be found on a variety of major online marketplaces, including the Shopify shop. As a result, you'll be able to provide your consumers with an AR experience that includes:
Three-dimensional visuals that can be viewed from any angle.
To produce as many unique combinations as feasible
Our product previews are of the highest quality and always up-to-date.
With our 3D digital asset management platform, you can store your product data as individual models, materials, and textures. This way, you only have to do it once and can easily access it every time afterward.
With the advent of eCommerce, companies are eager to adapt and improve the online shopping experience, with Apple already heavily investing in augmented reality plugins on their iOS/iPad solutions, AR Quick Look.
This loyalty and repeat purchasing can only be built by emphasized advancements when online shopping. Soon, customers will come to expect these types of things.
Use this to your advantage now so you can be ahead of the competition and innovative. It's also a chance to make your mark in a market full of similar products by being unique.
3. The More You Understand Your Consumers, the More Ways You Have to Appeal to Them
Take it from us, your customers want you to know as much about them as possible so that you can keep resolving their specific problems and making their lives easier. This also allows you to fine-tune your support team so they connect more productively with customers.
If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it's important to understand your ideal consumers and what they need. The more data you have on your target audience, the better positioned you are to fulfill those needs quickly and efficiently.

You can develop a more complete picture of your target audience by combining the data from their customizable product purchases with other buying behaviors. This will help you create loyalty and repeat customers.
For example, a link between several shoppers' preferences for the same fabric and bulk actions. A furniture brand may take this insight as evidence that they should offer this fabric in a wider range of options.
The study found that 22% of consumers would be more than happy to share their preferences with you if it meant they would receive more personalized experiences and products.
4. Increased Sales as a Result of Budget-Friendly Pricing and Product Designs
Your target market is full of people who might have different designer preferences and pricing sensitivities. By including an easily visible quote on your product page, you can keep buyers informed about their purchase before they commit to it.
It also implies that they may discover the ideal mix of brainstorming numerous variations of their own product while yet remaining within budget.
With bigger ticket items like furniture, personalized offers may even encourage more sales for those who want their home and office to be a reflection of themselves. One study found that people aged 55 and over are particularly receptive to personalized offers. They value self-expression—although all age groups were found to value self-expression in some way or another.
5. Word-of-Mouth Recommendations Boost Customer Confidence, Sales and Loyalty
Not only are word-of-mouth referrals great proof that you have loyal customers, but they also help foster more loyalty among their social circle.
A great app, like the Shopify app, personalizes the customer experience and improves word-of-mouth for your business. This is because if customers have a unique and exceptional experience with your products, they're more likely to tell others about it.
In addition, it's likely the customer will tell others how great your product is, and in doing so they'll advertise all of your other templates and product options.
But don't just take *our* word for it.
According to studies, word-of-mouth marketing increases customer loyalty and generates more sales than paid advertising. In fact, 92% of global consumers say they trust recommendations from friends and family.
Improve customer experiences with Threekit's product customization services.
Customers nowadays place a premium on customer experience, which is why it should be the main focus for any company in today's market, especially since clients now put it above all else.
Threekit's product customizer allows your customers to individualize your products to their specifications, which increases the likelihood of them buying it. In fact, 74% of consumers are likely to buy based off experience alone, and that number shoots up to 80% when brands offer personalized experiences.
With each stop, you'll have a better understanding of what they want. And in the end, you can give them exactly what they desire instead of simply giving them close enough.
This way, you can not only meet their needs now but also base future product decisions on new insight your competitors have yet to tap into.
Even better, our simple customization feature is compatible with well-known eCommerce platforms like Salesforce, Shopify, and Magento.
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