Types of 3D Models Furniture

Furniture manufacturers and marketers need 3D models at all phases of product development, from concept to marketing and promotion. What they don't know is that there are many different sorts of 3D models dependent on the complexity of the product design. Here, we break down the four types of 3D models you need to know about for your next project.
1. Simple: A simple model is typically a low-polygon model without too many intricate details. These are good for products that don't require too much precision or for quickly testing ideas.

2. Medium: A medium model is a step up from a simple model, with more polygons and detail. These models are better for products that need to be rendered at high resolutions or for animation.

3. Complex: A complex model is a high-polygon model with many intricate details. These are best for products that will be viewed close up or in detail, such as in an advertisement.

4. Highly complex: A highly complex model is a very high-polygon model with extremely intricate details. These are best for products that will be viewed at very close range, such as in a store display.
types of 3d modeling
types of 3d modeling
When choosing which type of 3D model to use for your project, consider the purpose of the model and the level of detail you need. Simple models are great for quick concepts, while complex models are better for final product renderings. Whatever your needs, our team of experts can help you choose the right type of 3D model for your project.

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