How to Use Virtual Photography to Set Yourself Apart From Competitors on Amazon
A great way to make your business stand out online is through virtual photography.
With over 500,000 small to medium businesses on Amazon, competition is fierce. When you enter the marketplace, your business will be one in a million. So make sure your visuals are on point!
High-quality, high-resolution representations of your goods are made possible by virtual photography. It may also be used to accentuate essential features by lowering or changing the angle of a shadow.
For example, a software suite that combines 2D imaging and 3D modeling might transform your usual 2D photos into a 3D model and virtual tour that can be adjusted in a 360-degree view among online customers.
What are the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing a 360-degree product view? How does this affect your brand on Amazon? According to Dimitri Bir, founder of Webrotate 360, in PracticalEcommerce, they have seen increases in sales ranging from 5% to 40%.
Make your product photos on Amazon stand out from the rest with this guide to virtual photography.
360-degree virtual visuals give the experience of a brick-and-mortar store online.
The most important advantage of physical stores over eCommerce is the opportunity to inspect your products before purchase. With counterfeit goods and bogus items common on Amazon's Marketplace, it's critical to make your company's product pictures stand out in terms of legitimacy.
For example, approximately 29% of people are hesitant to make online purchases, according to CXL. Fortunately, these customers can be won over with the right strategy – 360-degree virtual tours.
Online shoppers want to be able to see every detail of your product before they make a purchase, and zoom capabilities allow them to do so without sacrificing the quality of the image.
By merging physical and digital shopping experiences, you create the perfect customer experience that is many times more important to them than product pricing. Over 46% of individuals have stated they would rather have a great customer service experience than pay less for a product.
Virtual photography is quickly becoming the new standard for anyone wanting to take high-quality photos.
Almost nothing else is more essential than adding high-resolution photos to your Amazon product listings.
In fact, 90% of internet consumers consider photograph quality to be the most important aspect of their online purchasing experience. Also, at least 22% of purchasers will return products that do not resemble their photographs.
Consumers get the closest look yet at what your product will offer them, allowing them to virtually feel the product in their hands and inspect each square inch of it. Despite not being able to touch the item in person, customers can capture the minute details because they have a virtual presence.
Variety of leather types
Furthermore, you may provide numerous alternatives in your listing. This implies that your consumers can personalize your product to meet their specific requirements. Because most other companies are still stuck in the past with one of these two choices:
For an affordable solution, some businesses will Photoshop one image into different colors or variations. However, this is easy for shoppers to detect and can create an unprofessional visual appearance.
If you want a different photo for each color or variation, be aware that this will require more money. This is because every item must be photographed the same way and you'll need to bring in all variations for the photoshoot.
Potential customers will be able to tell that traditional photography doesn't hold a candle to this innovative approach.
Use virtual photography to make your product photos more attractive.
It's already tough for businesses to compete in the internet consumer market. Virtual photography, on the other hand, is a unique approach to differentiate yourself.
With over half a million small and medium-sized businesses now on Amazon, competition is fierce. As you move your business to the marketplace, focus on making your product visuals stand out.
Not only does virtual photography produce accurate and detailed pictures of your product, but it also makes small changes that bring out essential features-such as altering the shadows or changing the angle. For example, a mix of 2D imaging and 3D modeling software can turn normal 2D photos into a three-dimensional model that offers potential customers a 360 degree view that they can explore themselves.
How will this change your company's image on Amazon? According to Dimitri Bir, creator of Webrotate 360, on PracticalEcommerce, they've seen a 5% to 40% boost in sales as a result of 360-degree product views being implemented.
This guide will show you how to use virtual photography to make your Amazon listings stand out from the competition.
Online 360-Degree Virtual Visuals Provide Offline Experiences With the Use of Brick and Mortar Sites
The main advantage of brick-and-mortar businesses over eCommerce is the opportunity to inspect your item in detail before buying. With counterfeit items and fraudulent products on the Amazon Marketplace becoming increasingly popular, it's critical to make your company's product pictures stand out in terms of evidence of origin.
Consumers are increasingly concerned about purchasing items from the internet. According to CXL, approximately 29% of consumers are nervous about online transactions. The good news is that cautious customers can be influenced with certain methods.
360-degree virtual tours are an excellent way to see a location before visiting in person.
Allow your online consumers to see every aspect of your product, particularly its most unique and beneficial aspects, will give them real-time insight into what to anticipate from their purchase. You've got a winner with the ability to zoom in without degrading image quality and resolution while zooming out.
The near-perfect customer experience that eCommerce provides is a significant draw for consumers, as it offers the best of both worlds: the convenience of online shopping with the benefits of brick-and-mortar stores. In fact, more than 46% of people prioritize customer experience over other factors like product and pricing.
Traditional Photography Is Improved by Digital Photography
Incorporating clear and high-quality images into your Amazon product listings is one of the most important steps you can take.
According to Adobe, buying photos is more important than ever before. According to Adobe, 90% of internet consumers consider photo quality to be the most essential aspect of their online shopping experience. At least 22% of customers will return items that do not resemble their photographs.
With virtual photography, potential customers can see your product as if they are holding it in their hands and inspecting it from every angle. All the small details that consumers would want to know about the product are visible, without them ever having to physically hold the item.
Variety of design options
You can also offer multiple variations of your listing, so customers can pick and choose which details best fit their needs. This gives you a big competitive advantage since most other brands are lagging behind with one of these two options:
They use a variety of tactics to make this appear more appealing. One tactic is to edit a photo and add different colors or variations to it. This is a low-cost approach, but it may be easily detected by customers, who might find it unprofessional.
A unique photo for each color or variation. Although this is more costly because it necessitates a professional shoot with all the variations present, audiences will be able to see every product clearly.
WithProof, you're getting a cutting edge product that will show your potential customers that you mean business.
It's not simply a question of quantity over quality for online sales. Shoppers want both! In fact, customers are most responsive to product pages that have, at the very minimum, five to eight photos. More images from various angles and contexts give shoppers a better understanding of your product overall.
Think of 360-degree visuals as a compilation of hundreds or even thousands of images, arranged like a flipbook. Shoppers can zoom in, spin and re-orient the images to get an up close and personal look at all the details that matter to them.
When compared to traditional photography, ecommerce sites with virtual photo capabilities allow customers to see modifications in real time. You may customize your goods to be available in an infinite number of colors, with different materials, and in a variety of sizes.
The images make the products look more appealing to Amazon shoppers who want convenience and the ability to buy something immediately.
Not only will you get a new perspective on the world around you, but you'll also be able to share it. You'll enjoy social sharing as well.
High-quality photographs on social media posts increase the likelihood of users sharing your material with their followers by 40%. When you combine this with a positive experience with your company, you're looking at a broader reach in your target market.
According to Forbes, at least 49 percent of individuals who have had a good customer encounter would share it on social media or write a favorable review online. More than anything else, great feedback about their good experiences and virtual product photos combined equals more:
  • Trust
  • Authenticity
  • Loyalty
  • Conversions
With Threekit's Virtual Photographer, you can now bring real-world experiences to your Amazon listings.
Being on Amazon is now a requirement for most companies if they want to stay competitive in the eCommerce world.
However, the issue is that most companies already sell on the platform. This makes it hard to stand out from the hundreds of other businesses with comparable goods only a click away from your own.
A skilled photographer may enhance the appearance of your product photographs. However, Threekit's virtual photography tools will take it a step further.
While many brands have already switched to professional photos, few have utilized virtual reality in their photoshoots.
Threekit is well-versed in 3D. We'll keep you updated on all the newest advancements in virtual photgraphy while also assisting you in replacing outdated photoshoots with more modern, immersive experiences like:
  • Cut corners
  • Create vivid mental images
  • You can also deliver non-standard or bespoke findings.
If you sell on Amazon or any other platform, don't hesitate to use virtual photography in your selling strategies. It's easy and convenient, especially with our professional solutions. Contact us today for more information!
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